Gain Competitive Advantage with Product Data Management

Faced with increasing levels of global competition, today’s manufacturers are continuously looking for ways to gain and maintain a competitive edge. Increased efficiency and productivity in product development and manufacturing—resulting in greater innovation, shorter times to market, and reduced development and production costs—are the primary areas of focus for improving a manufacturing organization’s competitive position.

Underlying these objectives, however, are the speed and manner applied by a manufacturer when utilizing, leveraging, and managing its product design data, including automation of product development and manufacturing workflows, tightening of revision and quality controls, and reuse of product design data for other related business functions.

In this whitepaper you will learn that by effectively managing and extending the value of product design data throughout the enterprise, your organization will gain the following PDM benefits:

• Automates Workflows
• Tightens Revision Control
• Saves Time
• Reduces Costs
• Accelerates Time to Market
• Facilitates Collaboration
• Fosters Innovation
• Leverages Design Data to Support Downstream Business Functions
• Supports Manufacturing Resource Planning and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
• Makes the Enterprise More Agile, Flexible, and Efficient

Download the whitepaper to learn more.

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