Giaffone Racing: Expanding Into New Racing Markets with Topology Optimization Tools

Giaffone Racing standardized on the SOLIDWORKS 3D development system in 2006, implementing SOLIDWORKS Professional design, SOLIDWORKS Premium design and analysis, and SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional product data management software.

Because Giaffone Racing has realized substantial productivity gains since standardizing on integrated SOLIDWORKS solutions including a 70 percent reduction in development time, and was interested in supporting additive manufacturing techniques, Giaffone’s engineers recently decided to add SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional analysis software so they can utilize the software’s new topology optimization tools, after learning from reseller SKA that those capabilities had been added to the latest software release.

In this whitepaper you will learn how Giaffone Racing:

  • Cut two months from suspension upright development cycle
  • Reduced suspension upright weight by 60 percent
  • Entered rally-race market with lighter, stronger, better-looking parts
  • Supported both conventional and additive manufacturing

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