Simulating for Better Health

Product manufacturers in the health care and life sciences market have always faced bigger challenges than manufacturers in other industries. Regulatory, quality, safety, testing, and innovation requirements often extend development cycles and can impede efficient, cost-effective development of medical, diagnostic, and laboratory products.

Add to these challenges growing patient demand for improved health care experiences and outcomes and for faster responses to emerging health threats like the coronavirus, and you can see why the need to shorten development cycles and product time to market, while improving quality and increasing innovation, becomes even more pressing.

This paper shows health care manufacturers how validating medical product designs improves quality and shortens time to market including:

  • Advantages of simulation-driven development when compared to prototype-driven development.
  • Is structural simulation enough, or do we need more?
  • How to develop innovative, high-quality medical products with SOLIDWORKS simulation solutions.

Download the eBook to discover the benefits of adopting simulation in your medical device design process.

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