What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2022: Parts

New features are introduced into every new release of SOLIDWORKS and users across the globe are excited to see what the developers at SOLIDWORKS come up with. SOLIDWORKS 2022 is no exception, and this release has some great enhancements for working with parts.

Coordinate Systems

The first new item is an enhancement to Coordinate Systems. In previous years, users had limited options for how they can create the coordinate system, where they could only select the axes based on existing geometry or other reference features.

In SOLIDWORKS 2022, this has been expanded to include several new options.

1. You can now add coordinate systems by entering numeric values for position in both parts and assemblies.

2. You can also define rotation after the position is defined by numeric values.

3. You can now reference all parts of coordinate systems, such as axes, planes and origins. For example, you can start a sketch on the XZ plane of a coordinate system or use the Y axis of the coordinate system as the axis of revolution for a revolved feature.


There is a nice enhancement to Draft in SOLIDWORKS 2022. When using the Draft feature in previous versions of SOLIDWORKS, a draft parting line in the center of your part would require the creation of two different Draft features if you needed different draft angles on either side.

In SOLIDWORKS 2022, there is now an option to create different draft angles on either side of the parting line.

Slots in Hole Wizard

When you position slots with the Hole Wizard, you can now press the Tab key to change the orientation 90° clockwise. Previously, you could only drag the slots to reposition them, and dimension them with end-to-end dimensions.

Cosmetic Threads

1. Depth and Feature Ownership

Cosmetic threads are owned by the last feature in the Feature Manager design tree whose face shares the common edge selected for attaching the thread. For example, if there is a chamfer associated with a cut extrusion and a cosmetic thread is added, the latest feature owns the cosmetic thread feature.

2. Cosmetic Thread Depth

SOLIDWORKS now measures depth from the original location of an edge regardless of changes made by downstream features that might relocate that edge. If you add a second cut extrude that relocates that edge, the cosmetic thread retains the original thread depth.

3. Cosmetic Thread Appearances and Textures

Underlying appearances or textures appear between the cosmetic threads. The cosmetic threads in SOLIDWORKS 2022 now use the 3D texture feature, giving it a more realistic look. This new look works well because the 3D Texture tool got a boost in performance. Users who utilize the 3D Texture feature will notice a big increase in performance. It takes much less time to create and rebuild the feature compared to previous versions.

4. Cosmetic Threads used in SOLIDWORKS Visualize

Cosmetic threads from SOLIDWORKS now come through to SOLIDWORKS Visualize.

External Threaded Stud Wizard

A brand-new feature in SOLIDWORKS is the External Threaded Stud Wizard, which works similarly to the Hole Wizard. You define the parameters, then position the studs on the model. You can either create the threaded stud on an existing boss on the model or create it from scratch on a planar surface.

There are options to select standards similar to a Hole Wizard hole. You can select the major diameter of the stud, the depth of the thread and even specify the type of undercut.

Hybrid Modeling

In SOLIDWORKS 2022 you can now mix B-rep geometry with standard SOLIDWORKS geometry and mesh geometry in a single body. You can also use standard features on the mesh geometry such as surface extrudes, surface cuts and fillets. This provides more functionality to users who import geometry from scans and an advantage to those that need to 3D print such geometry.

Section Views

With SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies, users can now rotate a section view about a hole, axis, temporary axis or cylindrical face. You simply select the cylindrical geometry while in the section tool or select the new icon within the section tool. This gives the user additional functionality in part and assembly visualization.

Redo in Parts

SOLIDWORKS 2021 introduced additional features and sketch items that make use of the Redo button. In SOLIDWORKS 2022, this has been expanded to include the Redo of:

Inserting and editing of features:

  • Hole wizard
  • Simple hole
  • Linear pattern

Commands and actions:

  • Instant 2D
  • Reorder features
  • Rollback

Mirroring About Two Planes

Probably the most exciting new feature in SOLIDWORKS 2022 is the ability to mirror a feature or body across two planes. This used to require multiple Mirror operations, but it is now a one-and-done. The user can select a second mirror plane in the “Secondary Mirror Face/Plane” box to complete this operation.

You could have used a circular pattern in some scenarios before, but you would have had to create an additional axis in the center of the part in order to get the proper pattern.

Reference Geometry

There is improved usability with reference geometry in SOLIDWORKS 2022 that helps the user select planes and axes directly in the graphics area. This will be useful when utilizing commands such as Measure, Patterns or Mates.

Users can hover over faces, then press Q to display any available reference planes. They can use Shift or Ctrl keys to select multiple entities. They can also hover over temporary axes of cylindrical faces and surfaces to display the axes. Once the reference geometry is selected, SOLIDWORKS will automatically dismiss all unneeded reference geometry.

Also new to SOLIDWORKS 2022 is the ability to show primary planes, reference planes, reference axes or coordinate systems by right clicking a component from the graphics area and selecting “Reference Geometry Display.” In previous software releases, the only way you could do this is by accessing these through the Feature Manager design tree.

The enhancements to Features and Parts in SOLIDWORKS 2022 should help the typical user to significantly improve their daily efficiencies. Some of these enhancements, like patterning across multiple planes, the external threaded stud wizard and the new cosmetic threads, have been requested many times over the years. Now that they have finally arrived, they will increase users’ efficiency for years to come.

Learn more about the new enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2022 with the eBook SOLIDWORKS 2022 Enhancements to Streamline and Accelerate Your Entire Product Development Process.

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