Futureproof Your Product Design: 7 Technologies Your Design Solution Should Support

Is your CAD tool ready for the 2020s?

As you look to stay relevant in the 2020s, which technologies will impact your product’s competitiveness the most? What are your competitors doing? What should you look for in design tools to make it easier to incorporate new technology into your products? What other capabilities should your company have to ensure it stays competitive through the 2020s?

These are questions you must consider and prepare for now in order to stay competitive.

This research study by Tech-Clarity shows that companies will frequently rely on new technology to increase innovation over the next decade and examines industry plans for the 2020s to stay competitive. To support new technology, an overwhelming 98% of companies agree that software tools will help, but which ones will have the most impact? This study identifies the top technologies that top performing companies believe will make them the most competitive and examines how these technologies will impact development. It also looks at how to get the most out of existing engineering teams and how to manage the resulting complexity.

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