How SMBS Can Gain the Smart Manufacturing Advantage

Practical solutions address day-to-day repetitive problems, without a huge upfront investment

Smart manufacturing does not require much by way of introduction. Referred to by a variety of terms – Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0., smart factory, connected factory, factory of the future, digital transformation and smart manufacturing – it essentially involves extracting, monitoring and connecting data from industrial equipment and its related processes in real-time to optimize production and maintenance.

With machinery and processes connected to a smart manufacturing network, users are able to gain insights from the data being collected in real time to help drive better decision-making. This leads to increased agility, accuracy and efficiency, which helps reduce risks and lowers costs.

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  • What holds smaller manufacturers back from implementing smart manufacturing?
  • How to implement smart manufacturing one step at a time
  • Implementation of effective monitoring
  • How all the pieces tie together for a complete solution

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