Developing Better Products in the Cloud

Great ideas can come from many places. Product developers must find ways to bring their best people together so they can effectively collaborate as an ongoing part of development process, but must do this without incurring the cost of bringing everyone to a single location, installing more software, or purchasing additional hardware.

To make collaboration more effective in generating innovation, product developers must be able to connect and collaborate without negatively impacting development cycles. They simply need to work smarter, not harder, and collaborate more, not less.

This eBook shows how two companies used tools on the 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS portfolio to:

  • Boost productivity and foster innovation with cloud-based tools
  • Take advantage of built-in data management capabilities with zero IT overhead
  • Connect and gather feedback in a way that doesn’t delay development cycles
  • Safely collaborate on designs in real time with colleagues, partners, and suppliers
  • Leverage SOLIDWORKS design tools to connect design teams any time, from anywhere and on any device

Download the eBook to discover the benefits of adopting a cloud-based approach to product design.

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